Uzuri Bookings & Artist Management

The hugely influential underground London based House and Techno label Uzuri has finally hit the web with their dual site for the record label and artist management.

If you have ever frequented a Sud Electronic Deep House party in London, which has been running for several years, the party has progressed into a well-respected Record Label with releases from Move D, Lerosa, Cassy and Anton Zap. 


The Artist Management arm of the label has grown immensely with artists playing at Fabric in London, Berghain / Panorama Bar Berlin and also Robert Johnson in Frankfurt. Artists Pushing the Uzuri sound include label head and turntable mistress vinyl purist Lakuti, Jus Ed from Under Quality, Dj Qu who run the Strength music label, the young Russian Anton Zap, and also Rick Wade, Fred P, Levon Vincent, Wbeeza, Scott Ferguson, Anthony Parasole , Lerosa and more!!! 

As distributors have risen and fallen by the wayside, so to have labels from all musical directions. Uzuri release memorable artistic pieces more relevant than most. Deeper to the core and shrouded in conviction and feeling this label is here to stay!!

Check out the mix on the site from Dj Qu at the House Dance Conference in NYC!!!

‘Patta Patta’


5 thoughts on “Uzuri Bookings & Artist Management

    1. Hi Melissa,

      To answer your Q about the artist below please check his Discogs page and also Myspace:

      ”Listen man” when I look at other peoples Bio I just dont know where to begin! But yea, to start, Im only 20 so Im not trying 2 talk like I “know it all”. I was in Born in South London, “SE15″ thats me.. WHERE THE WALLS a’int CLEAN.. Thers no RULES M8.. making music is my LIFE …and iam ALL THE WAY LIVE WID IT..GLOBLE LOVE GLOBLE MUSIC..Peace eNjOY””

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