Jus Ed - Underground Quality CEO, Artist and Label Owner

UQ Recordings and a deep roster of artists will be touching down in Berlin around September to showcase the label and also six mixes by six of the UQ artists on Compact Disc.

Jus Ed CEO, Artist and label head of Underground Quality the record label based out of Bridgeport Connecticut USA presents a showcase at the Tape Club Berlin 18th September. This is also be the first time some of the artists have seen each other in person and also performed together, this will be something special an d will go down in history for sure!!!

Straight up and into the thick of it Tape Club is newer than some of the more recognised spots in Berlin however the Funktion One is eloquent and really warm, not to mention having a more intimate capacity main room and neat seating area around the authentic palm tree. Site link below:


On the night Jus Ed will be joined by and wait for it, Levon Vincent, Dj Qu, Fred P aka Black Jazz Consortium, Anton Zap, and Nina Kraviz. This is the biggest UQ showcase to date with most of the label in one country, one spot and a fine tuned Funktion One – get your flights from wherever to Berlin for September booked ASAP.

Finally, to part fund the showcase the Cd with six mixes from six UQ artists which will be well over 5 hours and also present a lot of new and unreleased pieces from the artists is available from the site link below for $12


In these challenging economic times where consolidation and security are buzz words across all parts of life including night life and entertainment, and here we have a really big gesture from the club and label which is part funding the party with a very reasonably priced mix CD from some of the most contemporary House and Techno artists out there!!!

If you would like more information  or are curious about Jus Ed and the Underground Quality label please find the link below to an interview i did with Jus Ed for Resident Advisor:


…and also his podcast link if you wan to rock out:


Show some love.

From the – Keep It Deep team – Londres.


2 thoughts on “Underground Quality Label Showcase & Mix CD

  1. boom ! a lot of ass shakery will be going on that night for sure !!!!!!!!!!!!! ryan air any body ?

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