Cadenza the label owned and run by Luciano the Chilean who most certainly does not need any off set obvious introductions here, has put his dollar down on two hot producer for Cadenza 39 – ‘Descarga’


Cesar Merveille who lives in London is a well respected face on the underground scene   and has had releases on Safari Electronique this year with the ‘Crapette EP which sounds quite warm and organic with looped vocals and trumpets and also earlier releases on labels Serialism and Multi Vitamins.

Pablo is born and raised in Colombia with Austrian decent and early in his teens was influenced by a Jeff Mills mix which led to a deeper interest into electronic music and many DJ gigs in Bogotá. Pablo Cahn-Speyer now lives in London and jointly runs the ‘Like That’ party in London and they have presented artists including Dandy Jack, Agnes, Matt John, Cabanne and many more. 

Less about the history and back to the present and both Cesar and Pablo collaborate and consolidate their longtime friendship with this their first big label release on Cadenza. The A side ‘Tribute’ rolls and grooves with loads of Salsa and Latino influence which is very much welcomed amongst the millions of poorly dry sounding 12s out there right now! The lead vocal are from Fania All Stars, which was a widely recognised musical ensemble, established in 1968 by Johnny Pacheco.


 also the catchy male chant keep the feet dancing until the drums and percussion deliver the breakdown of all breakdowns as the trumpets and percussion Chinook in like a assertive hurricane, then everything gets 50 degrees hotter and the whole club will be holding hands or holding each other drenched in sexy sweat as the track kicks in and feet start dancing again. 


The other track on the twelve ‘La Yuca’ has the vocals from the artist called Sikito Valdez a native of San Basilio de Palenque a little village in northern Colombia. The track again kicks out smooth and groovy with a catchy bass line aroused and hugged with percussion and depth. 


 The killer breakdown found in Tribute does not surface here however this still embodies the Latino and Salsa  edge mixed with what sounds like a mix of software which is a nice touch of modernity mixed with the respected male vocals steeped in tradition, it is this new school thinking synced with heritage and respect that makes this track stand out.

Two young guns here definitely think outside the box to produce one of this summers underground gems, With this being there first big label release which is already bringing them much hype and attention, there next releases will be eagerly awaiting from critics and also the heels on the dance floors of the ‘Chica’s’.


Bravo , Bravo!!! Encore!!


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