Levon Vincent straight out of NYC has been taking the Techno circuit his way with some critically acclaimed and dance floor applauded releases, including the Solemn Days EP on his Deconstruction label of which he runs with Anthony Parasol.

Levon Vincent has been causing quite a stir of late with some seriously ‘sick’ ruff and ready Techno inspired releases mixed but not shaken with added House spices and this two tracker underlines with strength.

‘Solemn Days’ starts of raw and deep with this thumping kick drum accompanied by some compact looped Cymbal’s enthralled around some jacking stabs that are so refreshingly simple and effective. The very strong nature of the track make it very appealing to both House and Techno Djs and I have seen this track mixed within several sets to maximum effect. As the groove sets the hook drops and this deranged synth clang screams out of the speakers, the track juxtaposes later on with a softer melody and defined chords. A definite peak time bomb, which most certainly is not forgettable by any stroke.

The flip side ‘Polar Bear Make Nice With That Sea Lion’ reinforces that hard edge found in the A side however as the simple chords creep in the immediate head nod, foot tap groove is evident. Refreshing and no nonsense the Deconstruction releases have been very much welcomed for they’re quality and content. Without stating the mighty obvious but all you Berghain regulars will know what this track sounds like and the immense impact it has on open-minded dancers and dance floors, recognition, distinction!


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