Sunday bloody Sunday’s don’t you just love them? Apart from the shakey weather we encounter quite often, the sun sometimes can seem Secret somewhat. However onto a slightly not so secret secret, Secretsundaze the east London venue hopping party visit’s the usually bustling city types drinking hole The Light Bar, with Dial favorite Efdemin as guest Dj from the bright star hot spot Berlin.

I arrive at the Light Bar late this Sunday around 5:30pm to be greeted with a queue as always at the SS parties, and the queue is a post modern melting pot of fashionista’s making most creative students look, well somewhat under dressed, Dj and Label heads shuffle straight to the door as a matter of urgency. I finally get in quickly frisked by the door team scrutinizing my Allen key of all things. The Bass resonates out onto the terrace, which is busy with bodies chain smoking and socializing. Efdemin is on as I walk inside and the sound first off was quite boomy on the low end but clear enough to jack your body to and the space was full but nice no to busy to become a problem.

The groove was decent with what sounded like the foundations of House being investigated with rolling drums tight percussion and vocals. Phillip sprawled between old NYC House gems and some newer tracks and his repertoire I most certainly appreciated.  The atmosphere was cute and everyone looking sun kissed slightly tipsy and enjoying themselves immensely. Not to mention seeing a couple of heads in the place including Nicky Holloway Dj friend of ‘Love Groove Dance Party DJ’ Danny Rampling who also was in attendance, Will ‘Simple’ Saul and snap happy Kenny Campbell of KCTV fame. (if you dont know get to know)

As Efdemin eased in and out of mixes on the 1210s I also catch a few CDRs being road tested and everyone in attendance witnessed Phillip Sollmann’s new piece for Uzuri Recordings and it sounded quite heady, a bit more direct sounding on the dance floor with added Efdemin groove and warm percussion. As the set came to a close an Arnold Jarvis vocal – Take Some Time to be more exact really went down well and the slow bumping bass line and shakers got the whole room grooving. Post Set Phillip grooved away with the crowd, which is nice to see, and as his next studio album is in the pipelines expectations will be high!


Next up James Priestly and his set concluded the evening with mainly Deep House and as it approached ten PM the space was still busy and the terrace consumed by smokers. Another successful Sundaze by the Secret boys and this was my cue to leave after having danced my day away and my two-wheel carriage awaited me on my departure. As the SS boys prepare for there whistle stop tour of Frankfurt at Robert Johnson nearing at the end of the month, the future most certainly looks bright.


4 thoughts on “Secretsundaze with Efdemin Dial Records 2009

    1. It sounded def unfinished and it was played from Cdj, I’m guessing it was a sneak road test of a delightful sounding 12″
      on Uzuri, we at Keep It Deep HQ are looking forward to it.


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