NAIF (adjective)
  The adjective NAIF has 1 sense:

1. marked by or showing unaffected simplicity and lack of guile or worldly experience

Efdemin aka Phillip Sollmann who over the last few years has risen to fame and acclaim for his self titled album and several other releases on Dial Records back in the summer of 2007, steps up his game and starts a record label distributed by Berlin cool cats Diamonds and Pearls called Naif, with his first release coming from Russia’s finest Nina Kraviz and Efdemin him self.

Please find an link to the Efdemin interview I did for Resident Advisor way back in the day and also his Myspace page:

On the A side of Naif 001 we are presented with a track by Russia’s first lady of the underground Nina Kraviz. The track is druggy dirty deep with this Mike Dunn style of vocal chanting ‘House music is in mess, is still astounds me cos it’s the best’ ruff ready and observational, the instrumental jacks with these swirly coco pop medusa style voices supported and trimmed by some ultras basic groove and as slick as you like them beats!!!! This girls on fire and this my friend is Naif 001 – Hotter Than July


Efdemin rolls out on the B Side with an A star performance with some sweetly timed percussion and moody pads which Efdemin has been nurturing and refining, coupled with some soulful use of vocals for that deeper drenched feeling. As Efdemin tours the globe, headlines major gigs, preps his Qs for varying electronic music editorials whilst looking dapper than most,  its nice to see this venture as many labels have over the last few years folded and Efdemin’s programming and release schedule will be anticipated by the good and great.


Diamonds and Pearls are a Berlin based distributor, record label and studio. On There own label they work with artists including and weight for it as it reads like a who’s who of Berlins underground heavyweights including Efdemin himself, Henrik Schwarz, Luciano, Mathew Styles, Ricardo Villalobos and Tobias to name a few. If you want to catch the DNP vibe check out there compilation Silverbird Casino which I found very enjoyable and also there latest release DNP 13 featuring Marcel Dettmann & Prosumer / Tama Sumo – Phantasma Vol. 3.

The autumn is shaping up to be rather fruitful with small pockets of intricate details being released on smaller labels and also representation on a smaller scale spotlighting interesting and engaging artists and labels whilst bigger entities, labels, parties and clubs proceed to engage in there more forceful and persistently manner. Status Quo to most but as the old saying goes quality will always outstrip quantity, which by no means can be measured by its popularity!!!


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