FRED P aka Black Jazz Consortium



Growing up in Flatbush Brooklyn Fred has been exposed to a wide variety of music such as the R&B/Funk and Rock and Roll of the 70’s, Electro/Hip-Hop, Reggae and Disco of the early 80’s as well as House music of the mid-80’s early 90’s.

The Studio has always been a second home for Fred. Music is the language that brings his point across. Djing is the arena to spread these points of view and if you ask him what’s the point he will always say the same thing: ” Love, Life and Rhythm. It is Fred’s philosophy that music is the universal language that brings everyone together under a sound   under a groove and vibration. What you do with it is a personal choice but it’s there for everyone inclusively.

This is not Fred P’s latest 12inch release however after listening to the 4th Dimension EP over several months in different spaces to Fabric’s room three, rough and ready warehouse parties to my small studio this piece of acetate immediately does not inject with immediacy however with steady arrangement of your thoughts and approach and you will realise this piece of works just keeps on surprising with detail.

Lets look at F1 Deep Hypnotic (Pluto Mix) which I never hear coming in or starting or initiating, it just is, appears and always smoothes out and invites The rhythm is slow, soft, elegant and delicate, the track pulses with timbre shakers and a slow kick drum which contort and squeeze and lean in and out of the toned down melody and bass line.

The track arrives without you realising you are in fact already grooving to the sounds which sit stronger than a family but still independent and loose. Slowly slowly we welcome the ringmaster to proceeding, which always seams imminent and vacant, supple and stiff inviting and alive the percussion. Fred P works out a timeless 12 inch that is not for any occasion other than the deep kind, this is a deep introspective piece cleverly arranged and warmed.

F2 – Open (Mars Mix) looking at the song titles there is definitely a reference to space, time, dimensions, other worldly working and intricacies and Open involves all these elements. Expertly arranged with precise precision, as the rolling bass line accompanies the percussion and slow building melody. Moving towards more lightness the crescendo and cascading of parts, segments and ideas evolve within this track and the timely breakdown heightens the tension and then reveals with the searing bass line not aggressive but firm and warm, this basic groove is very deep and emotive.


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