Sud Electronic the famed and acclaimed House and Techno party returns to the frontline Saturday April 10th with Tevo Howard live, and also welcoming back Prosumer and Tama Sumo of Ostgut Ton.

Tevo Howard has been causing a stir lately with releases on his Beautiful Granville label and more recently his Crystal Republic release pushing that Chicago House sound and for this debut slot Tevo will be playing live. Prosumer and Tama Sumo are Panorama Bar residents and going by the last session they played back to back at Sud went down like a warehouse on fire!!!

Check the below link for the Bodytonic Tevo Howard interview that took place quite some time ago but nevertheless brings great insight into a very allusive and media shy artist.

Süd Electronic Celebrates Tevo Howard’s Crystal Republic Album Tour – 10th April 2010 With Tevo Howard ( Proper Analogue Live Set ) + Dj’s : Prosumer , Tama Sumo & Lakuti .- 10 pm – 8am .

Tevo Howard – Live-London Debut – Chicago ( Beautiful Granville , Hour House Is Your Rush )

Prosumer – Berlin (Panorama Bar , Ostgut Ton , Running Back , Diamonds & Pearls )

Tama Sumo – Berlin ( Panorama Bar , Ostgut Ton , Diamonds & Pearls )

Lakuti – ( Süd , Uzuri )

Venue : The Basement @ The Camp , 70 – 74 City Rd, London, EC1Y 2BJ

Door Charge : £9 From 10 pm – 12 am no pre booking necessary .

Advance Tickets @ £10 + Booking Fee From Resident Advisor:

otherwise £12 after 12 am

Times : 10 pm – 8 am


Email :

Infoline : 07853371939

The 10th of April will see the first Süd Electronic Party for 2010 .

We will be Celebrating the release of Tevo Howard’s rather classy ‘ – Crystal Republic album . Out now on Rush Hour’s – house sub label – Hour House is your Rush .

Tevo Howard is a rare Chicago find who is still putting out or playing quality music; steeped in the Chicago tradition as we know it and love. A sound championed by the likes of Ron Hardy , Armando , Larry Heard and many more .

Djaying since 1987 @ the age of 13 ; Tevo has found favour amongst the more discerning dj’s what with the excellent releases by himself as well as his dad Rick “Poppa” Howard on his very own Beautiful Granville imprint as well as on Hour House Is Your Rush .

In Honor of Tevo’s contribution and arguably electronic music’s last revolution way back then when Chicago’s dj fraternity pissed about with a Roland 303 and helped shape what is the Chicago sound now which is still relevant now as it was then ;

The whole night will be dedicated to Chicago related music from labels such as

Trax , Dj International , Play House , Dance Mania , SRO , House Nation Records , `Hot Mix 5 Records , Fierce Records , Relief + many more .

Tevo will be performing live and by live I mean a proper analogue live set with 2 drum machines + .

On Dj Duties we have invited 2 of the most revered dj’s from Berlin and our personal favourites : Prosumer & Tama Sumo who played a great back to back 6 hr set at Süd Electronic’s 9th Birthday last October .

Prosumer – Resident Dj @ Panorama Bar is somewhat of an expert in classic Chicago house and Detroit Techno & he gained these expertise first as a fervent record buyer at Saarbrücken’s Hard Wax branch, where he later started working behind the counter. It was the heyday of labels such as Prescription and Relief, the time for soulful house music, which still can be heard in Prosumer’s sets today.

An excellent dj with a huge passion for outstanding honest music from the heart , new and old .

Tama Sumo is also one of those passionate dj’s with an impressive taste in music and huge technical skills behind the decks evident in her excellent Panorama Bar 02 mix . Tama Sumo is a seasoned Berlin Dj who is now traveling different corners of the world spreading the good music .

She started out in 1993 at the Drama bar in Berlin / Kreutzberg, one of the first bars to ever feature its own dj’s on the weekends .

She has since played regularly at the Old Tresor , Ostgut and currently holds a residency @ Panorama Bar .

Resident Dj and Süd & Uzuri head honcho ; Lakuti will be on dj duties too .

We will be back at the ace basement of The Camp this time with even Longer hours .

Kick Off is @ 10 pm and the party will go on until 8am !!!!

The door charge will be reduced to £9 from 10 pm – 12 am , so whoever arrives at those times will come in at that rate .

Advance tickets can also be bought via Resident Advisor @ £10 with a small booking fee charge otherwise it’s £12 on the door after midnite .

A good sound system will also be in place on the nite. Great visuals and lighting to further enhance the atmosphere .

Links :

Tevo Howard :

Prosumer :

Tama Sumo :


One thought on “Sud Electronic 2010 Tevo Howard, Prosumer & Tama Sumo

  1. Love Tevo Howards album!!
    and it’s a ways off but the lineup for this is amazing, serious chicago live whatnot and some of the literally best and fiercest house DJs from London & Berlin.

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