I am not going to explain the who and why but for those who know this party is a once in a life time opportunity to see two true House legends doing there thing!!
Li’l Louis – Chicago ( Dance Mania )
Pepe Bradock – Paris ( Avatisme )
Lakuti ( Süd , Uzuri )
Joe Hart ( Bodyhammer)
TTB DJs ( Tothebone)

Corsica Studios
4/5 Elephant Road London SE17 1LB
City of London, United Kingdom
Saturday November 13th
£10 advance tickets from
otherwise £13 on the door

Beyond The Clouds is a joint project brought to you by Corsica Studios and the promoters of Süd Electronic, Bodyhammer and TOTHEBONE. It’s a series of fantasy house nights featuring line-ups we’ve dreamed of for years. The first party features extended sets from two true house originals – Chicago’s Lil Louis and Paris’ Pepe Bradock.

Timeless hitmaker, fierce DJ and the man behind the most famous orgasm in house history, Lil Louis plays his music the way it’s supposed to be played – house, disco and techno mixed hard and fast for your dancing pleasure. When the night is right and his sets aren’t being recorded – and this one won’t be – Louis has a reputation for throwing all manner of old, unreleased material into his DJ sets. Be sure you’re there to hear it.

Pepe Bradock is responsible for some of the wildest, most creative house records of the last decade. In an increasingly formalised genre, he remains a dependably surprising presence. Tracks like ‘Deep Burnt’, ‘Life’, ‘4’ and ‘The Path Of Most Resistance’ and his remixes for the likes of Iz & Diz, Blaze and Charles Webster have an originality which never alienates their dancers – a combination Pepe also brings to his DJ sets.


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