London the city with bright lights and star filled nights, as busy as the days are the cities nights equally buzz with life and energy.  Here at K / D we will highlight and present these particular parties that underline the good, the great and the diverse that makes this city what it is whatever the situation day or night.

The city that never sleeps, polite and cosmopolitan juxtaposing all faces, colours, creeds and vices, intimate and local mixed with international and global. As we slowly feed ourselves out of a very dubious financial situation and look forward to a prosperous new year and soon to be summer. Here at K / D we will feature some of London’s best kept underground hotspots that have risen and raised there game to stand firm in tougher times. We will be dissecting the philosophy, the music, and the key ingredients, not to mention mulling over all the gossip, hearsay and future plans for each party. To keep things moving forward we need to feel support and confidence within and from those around us, in the face of trouble waters we need to stand defiant and fearless always, assured we will make it to the promise land.

Name and background?

Toby Frith – I write about electronic music for my own site and am one of the resident DJs at Bleep43.

The party you are apart of and involvement?

I help, along with six others, run Bleep43.

Why and when did you start the party?

We started putting on parties in 2002 as we had found a good venue, Public Life that suited our purposes. It was originally intended just to be us and our friends DJing and also putting on people to play live, which is still a very central aspect of what we do.  Back then it was pretty difficult to find a relatively good venue that was both small and central. Looking back on it, there is something quite satisfying about starting something right at the very bottom with a handful of people rather than throwing money at a party with a few big names. We have a loyal crowd that have been there from the start.

Music policy and who has ‘ guested’ for you?

Our policy is quite wide – we’d get pretty bored if we were putting on the same type of music all the time. Although we are primarily a house and techno party, we also enjoy putting on electro, italodisco and more experimental acts that sometimes veer towards noise or industrial. One of the main aims is to try and surprise people as I think it’s quite easy to become quite cynical/lazy about the kind of music you want to listen to when you go clubbing, especially in London.  It does means that sometimes our crowd is quite diverse, but if people go home having heard music that they might not have expected, then that’s the job done for us.

Our previous guests reflect that – we’ve had Hieroglyphic Being, I-F, Pole, Scorn, Donato Dozzy, Surgeon, Patrice Scott, Legowelt, Derrick May, Urban Tribe and a few others over the last couple of years come and play for us. Some of those are regulars, for example Surgeon and DJ Pete play all night at the end of every year for us.

Any early memories or funny moments?

Last year for Bleep43 was farcical at times. In April our entire line-up was cancelled because of the Volcanic Ash cloud. Then in December, Donato Dozzy, who had been scheduled for that party, was nearly prevented from attending because of the ice and snow. I’m fully expecting a hurricane and a flood of some sort to affect our parties this year just so that the 4 elements will have had their say. Dan Bell DJing with one arm for 5 hours after dislocating his shoulder was also amusing – I don’t know how he did it.

where is the party now and how has it changed?

We’ve been at Corsica Studios in Elephant & Castle since 2006 or so.  Most of us in Bleep43 are based in South London and we very much like being a little away from the perceived epicenter of East London clubbing. Corsica’s a dream of a venue in so many ways and whilst it has its flaws, I don’t think there is a better venue in terms of sound, atmosphere and aesthetics in London. Being off the beaten track suits us fine.

The big change to the early ones is obviously the size (350-400) and the range of guests we employ. Having two rooms enables us to employ a variety of acts and DJs who can contrast nicely in the two rooms.

How did the recession effect your party?

That’s a difficult question to answer. Our parties have grown in size slowly since the economic crisis hit in 2008 and we’ve not dropped our prices. I guess the difference might be that our crowd is slightly older than the average.

What three songs describe your party?

ERP – Vox Automaton

Alden Tyrell – Knockers

Harmonia – Immer Weider

who can we expect to see on your dance floor?

Music lovers and our friends.

Summer 2011 and any big plans?

We plan to have one party in the summer and then we’ll retire until the autumn.


who mixed the promo and what was the concept?

I put this DJ mix together – it’s just a small taster of some of the music we like to have at Bleep43, from house to melodic techno, a bit of Detroit and electro.

Where was it recorded?

In my living room in Tunbridge Wells.

Next party we should attend?

Feb 25  – Omar-S and Newworldaquarium


Tin Man – Falling Acid

Nebraska – Time Has Come (part 1)

Future Beat Alliance – Machine

Phochos – Legowelt remix

Caribou – Bowls

Raime – Blackest Ever Black 002 Side B

Bocca Grande – Intensive Sp

Gemini – Crossing Mars (remix)

Chicago Connection – Dancin’ (Mark Grant mix)

Shake – Roaming

Moxie 18 – Side A

Stream – Dance with Me

Matt Whitehead – Raw Deal

Hardfloor  – We thrill the old way (ERP remix)

Infiniti – Flash Flood

Sterac – Alastria


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