London the city with bright lights and star filled nights, as busy as the days are the cities nights equally buzz with life and energy.  Here at K / D we will highlight and present these particular parties that underline the good, the great and the diverse that makes this city what it is, whatever the situation day or night.

The city that never sleeps, polite and cosmopolitan juxtaposing all faces, colours, creeds and vices, intimate and local mixed with international and global. As we slowly feed ourselves out of a very dubious financial situation and look forward to a prosperous new year and soon to be summer. Here at K/D we will feature some of London’s best kept underground hotspots, parties that have risen and raised there game to stand firm in tougher times. We will be dissecting the philosophy, the music, and the key ingredients, not to mention mulling over all the gossip, hearsay and future plans for each party. With each feature there will be a promo mix for you to download, highlighting the tone and atmosphere of the party, if you have never actually physically attended. To keep things moving we need to feel support and confidence within and from those around us, in the face of trouble waters we need to stand defiant and fearless always, assured we will make it to the promise land.

Name and background?

Hi my name is Tomoki Tamura, Im from Osaka originally but now I live in London where I DJ, Promote and produce house music. I run a night called HOLIC both here in London and Tokyo.

The party you are apart of and involvement?

I run HOLIC with my partner Taka, and a few friends who help with the flyers,  taking pictures etc. We specializes in deep, minimal techno and upbeat electrified sounds.  We try and give our loyal crowd the world’s best DJs whether that’s in London or Tokyo.

Why and when did you start the party?

We started HOLIC in 2007 at AKA(The End) on a Thursday night. The venue was perfect for our night. We were able to showcase djs like Andrew Weatherall, whose sets quickly helped establish HOLIC’s reputation for great music in a great environment.   We had 2 amazing years there before moving onto weekend parties at East Village, The Camp,  and now our new home Café 1001.

Music policy and who has ‘guested’ for you?

HOLIC only plays good underground House Music.  We love all types of house music from Disco to Techno, and we only invite artists who we admire and respect, our lineups normally contains a mix of legendary djs and fresh upcoming artists. There are too many artists to mention but a few Guest Artists have helped to make HOLIC nights so special, they are:- A Guy Called Gerald, Audio Werner, Chris Carier ,Damian Lazarus, DJ DEEP, Doc Martin, JIMPSTAR ,Makam, Mountain People, Phil weeks, Paul Woolford, Solomon, Stimming, And Xpress2

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Any early memories or funny moments from the early warehouse parties to its more recent activities?

I cant mention names but there has been a few funny incidents , I once had to play a five and a half hour set after one of the djs was kicked out of the nightclub by accident and the security wouldn’t let him in again.

How has the party changed considering licensing more parties, people being not as rich and wanting real value of money?

Not many things have changed for HOLIC, we are learning what people want and the queues are getting Longer, I think if we stick to playing good quality house music in great venues our parties will continue to be successful. In regards to licensing, I believe that its time for the Councils in London to take note and listen to what the public wants!

How did the recession affect your party and how have you looked at your operational model?

The recession didn’t effect HOLIC directly, however the recession and the development around Kings Cross has caused many great clubs in London to close. We were particularly sad when the End/AKA closed down, It was special to HOLIC as the first HOLIC took place there and still miss them

What have you learnt most through this period from artists, places, spaces etc?

From the beginning of HOLIC we have learned that if you book great artists, play great Music, and Listen to what the crowd wants you will create a special night enjoyed by everyone.

What three songs describe your party?

Metro Areas / Miura

The Mountain People / Mountain008.3

Larry Heard / Déjà vu(Musaria remix)

Who can we expect to see on your dance floor?

We love our HOLIC crowd, it gives me a buzz when I see them enjoying great music, the atmosphere is great because they enjoy all types of great house music and they carry on dancing till the last track, what more can I ask for

Summer 2011 and any big plans?

I am very excited about the summer we are planning more parties in Tokyo at the Womb, we are also planning a few more HOLIC Nights In Ibiza. Behind the scenes we have been really busy setting up an agency and a record label. We are looking for talented people who can help push HOLIC to the next level so if you think you can help please get in touch.

Describe your party in one sentence?

Its hard to describe in one sentence so check out the next HOLIC and find out for yourself.We do good house music.


who mixed the promo and what was the concept?

Tomoki Tamura has mixed by 2 Decks,2Cdjs&a rough dj mixer.

The concept is Keep it deep at home and some old US deep house which is still sound fresh.

Where was it recorded?

It is recorded at Holic’s office.

Next party we should attend?

Sat 23rd Apr HOLIC Easter at Secret photo studio.

Please check RA link for more information.

Linkwood is confirmed and more names tba soon, more info here.


1 Blaze / Klubtrance

2 Joy Orbison / Ladywell

3 Soulpatrol / Love Variations Pt.1

4 Story / Guteaussichten

5 Mr.G / Sunday Blues

6 Sebo K / Moved feat Prosumer

7 Kenny Larkin / Butterflies

8 Omar S / Day

9 Raze/Understanding

10 Dionne / the xchange

11 Blaze / Lovelee Dae (Tomoki&nono remix)

12 Instant house / Over

13 Jonny D / Deja Vu

14 Ladzinski / Looking Back

15 Ananda Project / Awareness (Kerri Chandler inst mix)



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