Joey Anderson from NYC first surfaced on our radar from his track Oval provided on Dj Qu’s Strength Music imprint back in 2008 for the Exchange Place Cold Case Files EP. Joey has now started to push out releases on his own label Inimeg Recordings which see  releases guided by the stars and constellations at night as the labels inspiration comes from the Gemini star sign spelt backward. More recently the first release on Joey’s 2011 Inimeg Recordings release Organisms featuring Joey himself and Dj Qu pushing that intricate drum programming, subtle mood changes and details that align and traverse like shooting stars and stripes made out in the sky has been captured by many and represented in many online reviews ,Dj charts, mixes, blogs and further a field. 


Joey has crafted a special mix of his own material which we definitely feel will be grabbing more attention and ears as the releases slowly start to hit the record stores. There is definitely a fiery hypnotism in the music, which plays with ideas, thoughts and feelings in your mind coupled with something that can reveal more and more detail on every listen, something to digest and come back to, something simple in approach and deeply rich in context and content. Check the mix show some love, all feedback is appreciated – keep it deep into the summer with Inimeg Recordings courtesy of Joey Anderson NYC.

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The idea of naming my label Inimeg Recordings was based on the idea of my Horoscope, Gemini. Also the people that were really pushing me to get my music out, their Zodiac sign was Gemini also including Dj Qu. Its interesting the moody attributes of the Gemini, and how it can be incorporated into to House Music. I just took the name and flipped it.


Joey Anderson was born in Hoboken New Jersey. Educated, since the age of thirteen in the arts of “Underground House Dancing” As a result of doing so, tasted the fruit of what is called the “renaissance” period of House Music in New York and New Jersey. Joey later started to teach dance classes in Fazil’s dance studio, which down the road lead to many performances in Japan and U.S. As Joey Anderson’s hunger grew as an artist on the dance floor, so did his relationship with music and then the need to produce music that incorporated his feelings and visions as a dancer. Joey has released three tracks with Exchange Place, which are under the label Strength Music, and has more recently launched his own label, Inimeg Recordings. First release entitled Organisms, Inimeg Recordings being a dedication for the certain peoples Horoscope spelled backward (Gemini) that coached Joey Anderson to produce and start his own label. Currently Inimeg Recordings is in the lab working on its’ second release Sound Watchers.


1. Tobyz March

2. One of Dem Gone

3. Dont judge Me

4. The Search for David S. “The Synth”

5. Suspect

6. Angel of Light

7. When He’s in jail

8. My father leaves cause he must

9. 3200 B.C. House Dancer



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