“Mathematics is the body of sound knowledge centered on such concepts as quantity, music, structure, space, and change – and also the academic discipline that studies them. Mathematics is the first stage of this concept on the academic disciplines of classic house, rhythmic noise, industrial jazz, acid house, ragtime electronics, new age, ambient and classical structures.” – J. Moss


Mathematics is a record label that I first heard long before I new the name. This is a label that haunted my ears in different arenas from mixtapes, to clubs, to peak time to warm up , bars, new years eve events, and now my own mixes and record collection. Hieroglyphic Being, Steve Pointdexter, Adonis, Africans With Mainframes, Lil Louis, Marcello Napoletano, Kuba Sojka & Joe Drive are a few of the artists presenting pieces of works ranging from abstract, disco, house and techno on a label that has inspired and pushed boundaries more than any other out there. Check the mix for the real deal and a strong incite into the labels inspirations and read below the brief interview with Jamal Moss himself!!

1. Label name and where it came from?

Mathematics Recordings is the label name (brand) / the concept or Inception behind it comes from Universal teachings & is a Synonym for Music.

2. Your background?

I mean up to this point in my life the people who follow what i do kind of already know the people who don’t know will have to follow & will can build upon a future ground from this point on because what i have done yesterday doesn’t mean it will be the same tomorrow.

3. Idea / inspiration behind the label?

Certain Situations and life lessons put me at a crossroads at a point in time where i had 2 go left or right or go straight ahead or sink i decided 2 elevate. And i choose to dwell in experimental sounds / electronic music and manifest my own path for ascension  & got that Inspiration/idea from the elders/mentors of the mediums that influenced me.

4. Graphics / artwork what is the direction?

The graphics and artwork is still an evolution in progress  just like the music or experimental sounds that come out on the label . It’s still growing & maturing one day it may look & sound good and the next it might sound sick & seem disfigured.

5. Artists you work with and how did you meet?

We work and meet thru divine intervention or by chance or just sheer will, there’s no real dramatic way of telling it just plain old human interaction or commonality.

6. Any interesting notes or label facts?

Not really maybe there’s 2 or 3 releases that came out in the 90’s in limited print that alot people are not aware of but not to many tidbits to tickle anyone’s fancy.

I wish people would really try & seek out  & listen to the music/ sounds and not just listen to what the machine(industry) tells them to listen to.

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7.Do you release vinyl and mp3?

I release the Vinyl First and let it ride for about 2-3months and then do mp3 distribution thereafter on limited sites with limited exclusive releases.

How are sales looking?

The sales are ok but that wasn’t ever my concern the label wasn’t set up based on that model it  was based on getting the best unknown youngest talent  too the forefront  with the best of whatever genre in order for people 2 stay in love and respect this medium (Electronic Music).

Who buys your 12s?

Not alot of Dj’s really, the targeted market the label is reaching out to is all who will listen & be pro-active from that sound experience which is Mathematics.

8. How do you see labels operating in the future with vinyl sales looking marginalised?

Like I said before I don’t go by that model it’s broken and has been that way for along time & soon as all who are involved can understand this & get back to just the artistic / creative side of making the world a better place through music instead of using music to make it a better place for the ego then there will be no marginal borders.

9. which labels inspire you?

All the labels who dare to make a difference and used the medium or music to heal the world & not harm it.

10. Future label projects / releases / parties?

I’m a work in progress so is the label but people can tune in to these links to keep updated and follow along & know when I know.

11. If money or fame was no object who would you ask to release on Mathematics ?

Well it’s still not an object or a hindrance (Money/Fame)  If you approach people in the right way & with respect anything is possible I learned this thru trial & tribulation . But like I said b-4 it’s about finding the unknown & making them known & not relying on leeching off some other artists handwork / just get it in and see what grows from it.

Track listing: No Order Just Chaos !

1. Nobu – Herbie Hancock

2. The Tuning Path – Terry Riley

3. Requiem Pour Un Con – Serge Gainsbourg

4. Mood Indigo – Thelonious Monk

5. The Dreams

6. Electronic Toys – Tom Dissevelt

7. I’m A Police Officer – David Shire

8. Tropicolours – Tom Dissevelt

9. Etre Assis Ou Danser – Liaisons Dangereuses

10. Autumn Room – Kirlian Camera

11. Apalachian Moog – Legowelt Vs Orgue electronique

12. Untitled Improvisation – Sun Ra

13. Lazarus Raised – Peter Gabriel

14. Tape Loop With Rhythm & Bass Patterns – Tom Dissevelt

15. SIDDHARTHA (PART1) – Hieroglyphic Being

16. Strange Strings – Sun Ra

17. Walk The Dog – Laurie Anderson

18. Conversations In An Analog Dialect – Hieroglyphic Being

19. Saturn – Gherkin Jerks

20. CAn You Hear Me – Visage

21. A-i-Akcam La – Sprung Aus Den Wolken

22. Interaccion – Aelita

23. Space Talk – Asha Puthli

From what i can remember off hand  i might have gotten the Gherkin wrong but close!


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