Word from Lerato who heads up the party ….Süd Electronic Turns 11 With The Last Dance With Move D , Lawrence , Efdemin , Portable , Tama Sumo – 5th November 2011The 5th November will see us celebrating our 11th year of parties in London ………..
and our last soiree under the Süd Electronic tag .
After 11 years of partying with you in London it is with both joy and a tinge of sadness to announce our last party .I will be packing my bags shortly and setting sail & moving away from the UK and It somehow did not feel right to continue coming into London just for the parties .
The Süd parties were always about London & it’s people so it felt right to make this the last dance , under the Süd name . We will be back releasing music again on Süd from the early part of 2012 . we are very excited about that .I would really like to give a warm thank you to each and every one of you that has supported us through out the years . we came to London fresh faced & naïve and people showed us so much kindness and generosity , & so we salute you !!! .
I am sure I speak on behalf of alan too , when I say for us it was never about franchising and running a big party . it has always been and it still is about the music and bringing people from all different walks of life together . this was and remains our small revolution .

A huge thanx also goes to all the dj’s and live artists that have given us their time and support over the years : Shed , Daniel Bell , Rick Wade , Jus Ed , Levon Vincent , Cassy , Jitterbug , XDB , Lerosa , Juan Atkins , Farben , Rick Wade , Dj Qu , Fred P , Kelli Hand , Boo Williams, Prosumer , Steffi , Move D , Lawrence , Efdemin , Pantha Du Prince , Tama Sumo , Scott Ferguson + many more .


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