15 years on Drumcode record label directed, nurtured and matured through the eyes of label boss Adam Beyer. 1996 is the year history was created with the labels inception and since the small days it now has grown to encompassing a dope ass radio programme, an event series and of course a home for artists to call there base to explore, experiment and mature with! A small list of artists featured on the comp includes Adam Beyer, Slam, Ben Sims, Jesper Dahlback, Cari Lekebush, Chris Liebing and several others.

Stand out tracks for the K / D Techno appreciation society include Tony Rohr’s – Work with its sample vocal from Denis Belfon which featured on the classic MAW track which sounds direct driving and searing with simple clinical production. The compilation embodies the main room sound you would usually hear at spaces including Berghain which the compilation release tour will visit early November.

This is a strong solid compilation with tracks that will stand the test of time for most record bags and sound systems, long may it continue, grow and proceed. The compilation is released at the end of November check it out here at Juno!


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