The hardest working man in house music Edward Mckeithen who (check my RA interview with the big guy here) and also runs the Underground Quality record label and has released on FXHE which is run by Omar S here and released a dope mix for Mule Electronic has collaborated with his precious wife, inspirational, artist, mother of there very cute kids and record label lady boss of Bu-mako recordings who we have featured here on K / D with Jens latest album for this new release here.

This is the 1st release from the couple Dark Matter and the title track has that rough rugged and raw side of Jenifa mixed with smooth groove detail, this is certainly a grower with its wiggle hook and smart break down, time to get down on this one, percussion, percussive, persistent , pleasure. Slammer is the next track produced by Ed and it is straight up peak time material, with warning sirens and vocal chants, i would place my dollars on Dark Matter on this EP and as we see these two start to grow and forge sounds together on acetate i hope this is the start of good things to come for mr & mrs house!


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