Arttu aka Lump or more formally Arttu Smellman i met frequenting at the Sud Electronic parties in London many many moons ago and now he lives abroad with lady in tow living a slower life leaving more room to make music. Now Lisbon is his new home for now and his 2nd release oh Philpot Records (run by Soulphiction & Black Trane) called Tranfiguration, which surprises and leads you straight into the peak time with some gusto and guilt. Arttu has released on labels including Philpot, Clone & 541 Belgium.

Tranfiguration has a tougher edge with rolling grooves and choppy percussion, its sold, straight up lego block building with nice vocal samples to boot that booty edge with swing! The flip for me Upwards is totally dope with its swirling sexy girly voice repeating ‘my love’ and the bass line is just killer business, no messing around happy damn x-mas folks! Arttu is really developing a voice and signature sound and is definitely on my list as a like act for one of our parties, check it out here and also his Soundcloud account here!


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