Lowtec aka Jens Kuhn who has been producing his own breed of reduction, micro eifficient, souldrenched, deep house has graced label inserts including Out To Lunch, Playhouse, Workshop, Smallville, Laid and now Non Plus with his new emotive release Coldred.

The title track has a oh so itcy drum rhythm, with this loopy loop girls voice which very much reminds me of a more delicate sound likened to Cassy in her early days. Darrynane is the next track up which is a sub 100bpm  jazz grinder, with cut and splice vocals tossed around pads and chords. Last up we have Twizel which dreams and moves around the speakers building like clouds in the sky, spacious, elegant and seamless! A solid release for early set building and warm up, this definitely will keep delivering the heat each play, check it out here!


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