US based Culprit Record Label run by Droog (Andrei, Justin & Brett) and there famed LA rooftop parties which have helped carve out & nurture there compilation which has been in the pipeline for around 2 years. The label is slowing maturing and findings its voice showcasing pieces from artists including UK producers Soho & Mark Chambers, Visionquest members Lee Curtis & Seth Troxler, Lula Circus, Nico Lahs, Death On The Balcony and many more.

Im going to pick out some highlights first kicking off with two London based cool cats Soho who spins at the K / D parties & Mark Chambers who flexes now and again at Fabric, with there track You Dont Know which builds slowly into a nice warm tinged groove with slight hiccup detailed percussion and wavey sultry vocal snippets, this track got tonnes of bounce and swing with a slight garage influence.

Seth Troxler & Lee Curtis who part form Visionquest offer Spending Time to the compilation which picks up the pace and speed a little with signature influences from both cats and super tight arrangement, soft chords and melodies cushioning the progressive piano keys.

Nico Lahs presents Lost In My Soul with its great use of sampled vocals and a stripped back druggy deep instrumental which will be a great build up track for some djs. Death On The Balcony are next up with Nothing Stays The Same, offering a breezy jazz tipped piece with swirly groove and detailed piano keys, solid, sweet & on point.

Lula Circus – Mary Jane Loves Me creates a dance floor bomb with a simple straight forward hook, good use of vocals and a great build up & jacking bass line which rounds of some of the highlights on a solid first compilation from Culprit which will definitely get rinsed by djs and will sound pretty sweet on a long car journey to. Get yo fix here!


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