Nathaniel Thompson aka Giggs or his alter ego Hollowman heads up the SN1 – Spare No 1 group alongside brothers Gunna Dee, Joe Grind, Spender & Young Giggs. 2010 saw the year Giggs signed to XL Recordings who also represent artists including Adele, Tyler, M.I.A, Jamie XX, Thom Yorke, Vampire Weekend, The XX and several more. There is much to be enjoyed and reasoned within the tone texture flow and lyricism of a very unique and honest artist from a very criticised and underlined background.

Im not going to deconstruct to much but Giggs at K / D HQ we feel is most important UK rapper we have. A brief read of his NME interview kindly written up by Dj Semtex sheds some light on the beginnings here detailing his crew and highly successful self released mix tapes, clothes lines, Tridents proposed negative influence on his signing to XL. Below is his website here with free material to download and various videos which we are appreciative of and here is our favourite video for the cheeky track Monsta Man.


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