Omar S the Detroit visionary artist produces another deep vintage journey featuring Theo Parrish on his next release on Scion – High School Graffiti. Got The Drop On Dem kicks off with the release with some killer off kilter 909 action in usual Omar S fashion, deconstructed intricate and intrinsic. Gunup Runup flexes the synth lines to stronger affect on the 2nd outing. Next Up and to ease the mood a little, My Naffew Randy kicks out slow, sexy, mellow, sweet and juicy with house melodies and chords, pure funk! Unitarian draws blood like the opening track needing more fancy footwork amd the last track on the release Who’s In Key featuring Theo Parrish steals the show for me, tight production synths, drums, sleepy chords and keys jack swing and stab to make a memorable EP with lashings of style, substance and energy. This dude is consistent and never releases anything less than worthy, check out the fierce behaviour here! 


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