A relatively new artist Bleak steps up to the plate to delivery the next release on Dj Deep’s Deeply Rooted House imprint with a solid three track EP itching to fixture in both House & Techno dj sets.

The Opener Ekko is tough, driving, metallic, throbbing like over heating metal and sinister, this isnt too naughty but definitely full-bodied the way the Berghain residents like it. Excess tones it down a bit more leading with swirly, cloudy chords and pads which is more palatable , easier, inviting intriguing, something to which building blocks and steps of the djs set can be jumped from.

The last track Down throws down the gauntlet again like the opener, something that can help build and capture emotion and attention at it roars and sears towards the black hole.

As winter sets in this type of gloves off, solidly produced music inspires me to get onto the dance floor, to slip the cans on and have a mix, to explore and to create, check the release here and listen.


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