There are few record labels that manage to leave a lasting imprint on the musical landscape and deserve celebration some twenty years on. Then, Nu Groove is unlike other record labels. A record label and musical institution based in New York, Nu Groove was created in the early throws of house music’s birth, 1988 and closing up sometime in 1992. In those four short years the label went on to give the world over one hundred releases. The output was unpredictable, the styling simple and the sound the pure cream of the underground. Never trying to please or adhere to one sound, the music crossed genres like they didn’t exist. It was everything a record label should and shouldn’t have been.

‘Back On Track’ is an interpretation on the back catalogue of Nu Groove brought up to date by our young Italian native, Nicholas. These tracks are Nicholas’s choices, not driven by rarities (though many are). This is a time capsule, an introduction and an exploration via the ears of Nicholas check it out on Juno here!


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