Little Dragon are a Swedish bespoke band, they have caused waves to a certain degree with a sound so versatile soul tinged and free. More recently they have seen remixes by artists we are more familiar with including Tensnake & Maya Janes Coles and with the rise of Azari & III i felt a distinct attitude and feeling adrift with Little Dragon that sets them apart with there very distinct past and upbringing. Featuring radiant vocalist Yukimi Nagano and her close high school friends Erik Bodin (drums), Fredrick Kallgren (bass) and HÂkan Wirenstrand (keyboards), Little Dragon stepped into the spotlight with the release of their first double A-side single on Peacefrog “Twice/Test”. A former Rough Trade “Single of the Week” and universally hailed as a masterpiece of free thinking soul, according to One Week To Live.

Yukini Nagano – ‘Maybe Little Dragon is a city, she muses. ‘Blue traffic-lights, fast food-signs, neon, love, loneliness, technology in a city reflected in the middle of a vast ocean. The music juxtaposes tradition and intense knowledge of musical tools, with destruction, invention… blazing a new trail. I like to think of our music as dreamy, but not always in a pleasant way. Some songs are emotional and some more free and naive.’ This album has depth in strength, range, humour, passion, longevity and something quite special with the lead vocalist, dont just chase the dragon get on aboard and applaud this true distinct talent represented by Peacefrog here!


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