The contents of this page are divided into two categories, the “live mix” series and the “store mix” series. The “live mix” series consists of mixes and performances from the wide range of DJs who have played in the LN-CC club space, ranging from recordings of launch party events to impromptu sessions. All of the mixes in the “store mix” series are created exclusively for play in the LN-CC store and provide the space with a constant stream of background music. All of the artists who we approach for this series are given total freedom to create a sonic interpretation of the space that we have created.

The mix series cascades and draws various inspirations which are quite evident  if you have ever experienced the space, its energy the several parties LN-CC have showcased since its inception. We at K / D HQ have particularly enjoyed the store mixes which breathe lightness, tone and texture quite different and stand out to the plethora of podcasts and mixes available,  subscribe, tune in and wind down here!  


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