Low Slung have been throwing parties in London for a hot minute now and we are pleased to present they are now pressing vinyl and starting a record label with EP 001 Enjoy by Low Slung with remixes by Andy Ash & Mathew Kyle keeping it oh slow with the BPM and pushing it deep.

Enjoy the title track swings and grooves with nice melody, strings and sliced vocal snippets which actually eludes to the more summery and breezy months. Mathew Kyle offers 2 remixes building on the downtempo slow mood groove from the original, both edits are smoking hot and well worth the acetate. On the flip things speed up a little with Don’t You Mind which has more meat to the bone and it invites you in alot earlier and will blend easier into deep house sets. Pretty tight production so far with good use of build ups and break downs from all tracks so far. Man of the moment Andy Ash definitely saves the best till last again pushing the groove a little and paying even more attention to detail, with smooth pads incisive keys and dope ass chords, this is the pick on the EP which has a slight Larry Heard feel really coming alive and becoming memorable. Overall EP1 from Low SLung is solid and a good foundation to build and grow from lets hope consistency and style are kept running throughout this new label, check the Low Slung page here for  updates on release dates and distribution.


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