Historia y Violencia 7 is brought to you by technical maestro, John Tejada and rising talent, Truncate (David Flores). This release showcases both artists’ talent for classic production and forward-thinking sound design. The A-side is Tejada’s ‘Maximiliano (6 July 1832 – 19 June 1867), and includes a nod to the only monarch of the Second Mexican Empire. It brings classic depth that only John Tejada is capable of. The B-side is Truncate’s ‘.Venticinco (.25)’, which brings classic futuristic dance floor sounds to the here and now with additional sound effects provided by Silent Servant Juan Mendez. This is Los Angeles’ first and second wave at its finest. John Tejada effortlessly creates this crisp cosmic journey floating into the peak time or after hours and Truncate has a more direct driving rhythm which lends itself to bigger room sound systems like Berghain or Fabric check it out here.


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