These two mixes of the day comes from one of the biggest inspirations to the K / D – Keep It Deep team and it is from the online blog Mnml Ssgs if you dont know check it out here for those that know the integrity, passion, thought provoking Qs and discussions have aided and facilitated the wider community and we are very grateful. The first MOTD comes from Ancient Methods which is made up of two Berlin locals who consistently explored ideas and sounds at the newer Tresor space as they were residents at one point. Check out this interview over at Earwiggle here for the scope on the boys. The only way to describe the mix is a to imagine the nightmarish qualities found in Gaspar Noe’s films injected with vats of serotonin, this one is not for the faint hearted or unsure types.

Next up we have Richard Chinn a very well read mixed media purveyor / strategist  of all things interesting and thought evoking, hes a full bodied strategist at Wolff Olins, contributor at the Honey Club and last but not least the dude that curates the weekly RA podcast for kicks, check his site for more details here. Richard Chinn provides a more open, warm and measured affair exploring modern classical, ambient, drone records for easier listening than the Ancient Methods, relax sit back and enjoy.


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