Metronomy are an electronic band formed by Joseph Mount in the darker depths on Devon with hits including The Look, The Bay & Heartbreaker to name a few.  They now get presented with the challenge of curating the mix series Late Night Tales.

I downloaded the promo didn’t really give it a listen flew to Berlin for a wedding and on my first day there alone i left my apartment, sun blazing, packet full of fags and some shades & i walked with no intention.

Prototype by Outkast greeted me and its an old number not many will recognise with its distinctive raspy vocal and slow guitar plucks pulling you in slowly, then we effortlessly flow into Drunk by Tweet  and i instantly recognise a slow tempo, some feelings and thoughts expressed through the song choice which i liked. Sa-Ra Creative Partners and we really see Joseph flexing some inspirations and cues from some jazz influenced musicians who also love instruments, chords & melody. My interest still high and still alert to what or which surprise awaits next, i can quickly see some heads digging this probably not the usual Metronomy heads and the heads that avidly follow the group maybe not make much sense. The direction and flow of the first five tracks come from US-based artists which might throw some off but then garnish appreciation from others as exquisite taste exercised in a measure fashion. Autechre cuts and crafts the rhythm slightly with some real strong electronica pulsating and moving the sonic landscape into Mick Karn and then The Alan Parsons Project for pure sing along magic. Geneva Jacuzzi – Love Caboose bringing some bedroom lo-fi pop warped vocals in for kicks that draw strength into Two Lone Swordsmen and we end on Paul Morleys spoken words.

This is a very eclectic, varied, emotional, fun, frizzy sexy and warm compilation which i honestly did not expect from Metronomy, i didnt actually know what to expect but i did not expect this nice surprise, some parts i loved some i dont but i keep on re-listening, re-assessing the tracks, transitions, the vocals, the words, the meaning, the, melody and dialogue. I am not bored listening to this mix and i have had it for over 6 weeks.

This is a solid Late Night Mix with flavour and flair, to me this is not just a late night, after hours, back home, drive back at night in the car mix, this was my effortless and fun soundtrack walking round Berlin. Check it out make your own judgement if you know of Metronomy but don’t really know therer sound check this and await to be pleasantly surprised by a very talented individual expressing love for different genres, check it out at Juno here.


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