NUDES 3K / D HQ has been closely perving on the maturing of NUDES, what we say,  a new live outfit ready to burn the molecules that release slow drip feeds of serotonin. Accelerating you through emotive vocals tinged with past emotions, pain and optimism, the catchy rifts and chords collide with lazy smooth pads and stabs which paint a thousand pictures. There are major references to early 90s dance culture and indie orientated work with added patience and a heavy nod to the dance floor dressed in slow druggy bpms and hints of soul and suggestion wrapped with acid tinged underground pop vibrancy.

NUDES, what they say, are a formidable new duo who express their woes and desires through the winds of music. Their approach is multifaceted, layering intricate textures of sullen electronica beneath crisp, expansive vocals and making subtle shifts through hypnotic loops, producing cinematic and radiant songs that impalpably grow from moths to butterflies.

NUDES music inspires a sense of deep relaxation while sparking childish levels of enthusiasm. Little is known of their history besides fleeting youthful endeavours within instrument-based groups, only to be disheartened by their limitations. “I loved the idea of a non-vocabulary based expression, the limitless possibilities of synthesisers,” explains Owen Wallace Lasch, one half of NUDES on his initial attraction to the framework of electronic music. “The tearing up of the rule-book as the verse, chorus, verse paradigm was being replaced by a constant evolution of sonic complexity, scope and rhythm.”

Drawn together by a ‘lonely hearts’ inspired call on social media by Giddins, the pair have spent little time apart since their formation in the summer of 2012 and are working on a standout live show to be witnessed in 2013, performing their debut material.

NUDES are a forward thinking outfit with sincere intentions and an emotive dialogue with there music, something that will last the test of time and carry like a sonic memento. The future holds many gigs, live performances and more studio sessions slowly undressing the musical voice of these artists only just starting there beautiful journey.





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