K / D Keep It Deep return for their 2nd podcast series with Nick Craddock check his website here – a London-based underground techno & house DJ with credentials that stretch from residencies, an involvement with the Süd Electronic record label check link here and Uzuri record label check link here,  and also playing some of the capital’s best kept underground parties.

Nick is northern, likeable and extremely knowledgeable. I feel I have come to know Nick better by listening to his music, interpreting his presentation, style, humour and emotion in the mix. Nick is very modest with a quirky edge represented in the groove, someone who is definitely active and plays a contributing part in the wider electronic music community – one of the heads, so to speak.

Back to the artwork as this will be one of the tightest mixes you will hear out there, period, and I’m not just saying this. Nick has a rotary mixer to aid and inspire his DJ style, which is evident without being flashy, but intriguing – enough to get you coming back for a second or third listen. (Cover picture by Patrycja Grimm)

Nick has been spinning wax since the 90s so he has seen the sound and scene change its name, look and feel but overall Nick has concentrated on keeping the form true to his roots. In 2000, Nick crashed the London house party and called the capital home. Early influences for Nick included Playhouse, Perlon, Klang Elektronik and Kompakt, with a very distinct sonic aesthetic and texture. It’s refreshing to see the artform of DJing taken seriously – Nick only spins wax and does it well – better than most, technically, who spin with easier forms.

Back into 2013 and Nick regularly guest on NTS Radio which represents only the finest underground music which you can explore here, and there are a whole range of parties that have hosted Nick’s skills which include Rhythm Section, Recession Sound System, Plex, To The Bone, Kiss Me Again and some international dates in Berlin.

Back to podcast number zero zero 2. We are very proud to present Nick Craddock and his interpretation of house and techno and there will be some or a lot of tracks you might not know as Nick never airs anything obvious. The transitions are so clean and eloquent you could hardly believe it’s just a man, 2x 12s and a mixer. Enjoy the deep, earthy journey into one of underground London’s best kept secret DJs – making waves and getting deserved recognition – get in touch for booking enquiries.

1. Where and when did you record the mix? The mix was recorded at home, in my bedroom. It was comprised solely of records, as is the way for me these days.

2. What equipment did you use? So, 2 x Technics 1210s and a Rane Empath Rotary mixer. I switched to the rotary a couple of years back and I have to say I love it. All the same, I still need the crossfader sometimes for sharper chopping. I like both styles of mixing.

3. Describe the mood? The mix was recorded at the start of June, so before it got really hot. It was a changeable day, hence its original title, ‘Summer Showers’. I think a lot of my mixes have been inspired by the weather. ‘In the Heat’, ‘Freeze Company’… Actually, a friend recently pointed out that I was a bit obsessed by the weather. It definitely colours my mood, and it’s an obvious place to reach to when you’re looking for an atmosphere or vibe.

4. let me know whats new how have you arrived at this stage, the ups, the downs, seminal moments, the meaning, the journey, the feeling the vybe, aspirations and challenges?
As far as inspiration or motivation for the mix goes, I think I’m just generally in a pretty positive frame of mind right now. Mixing seems to be coming to me easily at the moment, which is very satisfying. Playing out more regularly does help. I’ve been busier of late. But I mix at home very regularly and always have. Playing out is different. I find it hard to replicate my clubbier style of DJing at home and vice-versa. I like them both but they’re different. Actually, saying that, this one is pretty quick-mixed. The number of tracks on my mixes seems to be increasing. I did notice that as the mix progressed and got more energetic, I was throwing them in a lot quicker. I’ve been playing a lot more old, fast Techno these days (not represented here), so that’s probably impacted my style. Aspirations and challenges? Getting more gigs! I feel pretty focused and on good form at the moment, so that would be nice. Playing records makes me happy.

5. Aspirations and challenges? Getting more gigs! I feel pretty focused and on good form at the moment, so that would be nice. Playing records makes me happy.

6. Tracklist?
1. Leafar Legov ‘Elaine’ [Giegling]
2. In Fields ‘Congalese’ [Rawax]
3. Steevio ‘Release’ [Mindtours]
4. DJ Qu ‘Step Back Up’ [Strength Music Recordings]
5. My Cloudy ‘Einklang’ [Dubwax]
6. David Alvarado ‘She’ [Peacefrog]
7. Anton Zap ‘I Get Deep Beat’ [Underground Quality]
8. Vester Koza ‘The Pagan Groove of San Francisco’ [Maslo]
9. Birdsmakingmachine ‘Nest Rocking’ [Birdsmakingmachine]
10. Glenn Underground ‘Black Slaves = Israel’ [Peacefrog]
11. Prince of Denmark ‘Traumwurm’ [Giegling]
12. Lamar ‘Guilty Pleasures’ [Aesthetic Audio]
13. Stojche ‘Redux’ [Tangible Assets]
14. Santonio Echols ‘Forcefield (Santonio’s Detroit Mix)’ [Detroit Dancer]
15. Imugem Orihasam ‘Detoxification’ [Balans]
16. Roger Gerressen ‘Liberal’ [Fear of Flying]
17. Marcelus ‘Enlightenment’ [Singular Records]
18. Barac ‘Drone’ [Naural]
19. Lowtec ‘Oni Nake’ [Brainmath]
20. Octave One ‘Mid-Heaven’ [430 West]


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