Mike Huckaby is a multi talented artist hailing from The Motor City Detroit and his output span’s producing electronic music, djing internationally at key spots and festivals, sound design, running a record label or two including Synth & Deep Transportation & also teaching  Native Instruments & Ableton workshops for kids at Youthville in Detroit, to name a few key highlights. Check the link here at Juno to hear Mike on acetate.

Mike has produced some seminal pieces of work that have lasted the test of the times and trends that quickly arrive and then promptly catch that cab. Having a slightly deeper interpretation and sub level understanding is evident in the sound produced by Mike Huckaby which come from his inquisitive and open mind to learn and move forward and also some of the experiences gained from living in Detroit.

Mike holds that unique position of producing & djing both critically acclaimed house and techno and likewise playing at those types of parties internationally and at venues including Berghain / Panorama Bar, Tresor, Rex, Fuse, Sub Club & various other highly acclaimed spaces, places and festivals.

He is one of those guys who knows all the roots and culture of electronic dance music. He is a person who can see beyond the hype and divisions within the scene. Mike knows exactly what the music is and this would come down to his stint working at the Detroit vinyl spot Record Time and also his pursuit for the truth, the new, the raw, the underdog, the slept on hits.

K / D Keep It Deep again proudly present the 5th podcast crafted by Mike Huckaby bringing true distinct Detroit flavour to to our series, this is super deep, emotive and effervescent, there are tracks that sound of now but released years ago, vintage in a sense, full of character and colour, representing the times, the strifes and challenges. The vocals within the podcast on a specific track say it all, so we wont spoil the fun, but please enjoy this piece of work from Mike Huckaby who will go down in history for all the right reasons and not the so obvious tick list attributes most acclaimed artists will be remembered for, making hits, running a label etc,  Mike’s unstoppable energy to teach and help the Detroit disadvantaged kids move into better worlds and better places is something that makes this artist standout amongst the many. Music has the power to move and change in more ways than one and not just on the dance floor, for some this is the only thing they have to progress and better themselves and Mike facilitates that.

K/D: Teaching the kids in Detroit, what does there future look like?

Mike Huckaby: The future looks good. Even if its reaching one kid at a time. There is always a small amount of kids within each class that “get it” When you see this, it strongly resonates with you. You cannot turn your back on a kid concerning his or her needs. Thats just the way i see it. This reminds me of one kid at the Detroit Public Library. I did workshops there, and he was really into it. He was the last person that stayed there. I went back there to donate him some software and possibly a computer, and he was never to be found again. That really haunts me. Because i may never see this kid again.

K/D: You have accomplished a lot what more would you like to achieve?

Mike Huckaby: As far as musical goes, I have always said it, id like to get a lot deeper in Reaktor, and build up my piano playing as well. Thats the curse of midi. It steals the possibility of developing yourself as an exercised piano player that could actually play and execute the chord progressions, and melodies that come to mind. The only thing that a house music producer wants to do is just get the groove into the sequencer, and quantize it. In certain respects, technology is making us become lazy. Its embedded in every product we use. Most people don’t even know the phone numbers of the people in the address books of their cell phones. Its just a matter of realizing who is calling, and who’s name is attached to what number. We are well underway of seeing the features and requirements of certain programs replace the the users creativity all together. One has to remember, the tool is just the tool, not your source of creativity. There is a fine line to be drawn.

K/D: Are you happy with life in and out of music?

Mike Huckaby: Yes, but musically in house, i don’t like how a lot of these producers today set up their tracks or do edits. It almost seems that a reference of some sort is missing. Breaks that come too soon, breaks that don’t come soon enough, breaks that don’t happened at all, or breaks that last for 6-8 bars or much more. When I’m shopping for vinyl, i listen to a pile of 80 releases, and only like maybe 3 or 4 of them, if that. it gets depressing.

K/D: What does life look like these days for you with music and out of music?

Mike Huckaby: Honestly, I’m pretty consumed with music, so it takes up a lot of my time.

K/D: how much are you pushing yourself to challenge your ability?

Mike Huckaby: I am constantly learning new synthesis methods, and practicing new chord progressions. this is always pushing the envelope for me. i have always said that if you want to get ahead, always do what your peers cannot do, and will not do. Learning reaktor, and more importantly playing the piano, in these times is something that everyone will not, and cannot adhere to doing. Furthermore, i am always challenging my self NOT to let technology make me lazy. Thats really the number one reason how I’m pushing, and challenging myself. I do everything pound for pound. Its really easy to get sucked in to all the features, and technology available today. I’m so glad i studied music theory for 10 years, and decided to learn how to play the piano. Soon, i believe that all the human spirit and creativity the an individual possesses will diminish and fade away. Thats the way we are heading if people don’t wise up to the way technology has invented, or reinvented, i should say, how we should interact with making music.

K/D: The mix can you describe the mood and feeling?

Mike Huckaby: This mix? Well you said Keep it deep, so i did just that.

K/D: Tracklist?

Mike Huckaby: Ill get around to the track list in a few days….

K/D: Anything you would like to add?

Mike Huckaby: KEEP IT DEEP.


8 thoughts on “K / D KEEP IT DEEP PODCAST – 005 MIKE HUCKABY

  1. podcast widget is right at the top. …if you cant see it go to the Soundcloud link on the right hand side.

  2. This mix is absolutely amazing, do you know if Mike still plan to release the tracklist ? It would be much apreciated.

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