We have slightly eased into the new year and are ready to kick off the podcast series which launched in 2013 with 5 strong K / D Keep It Deep Interpretations from artists including Dj Qu, Nick Craddock, Amir Alexander, Afrikan Sciences & lastly Mike Huckaby. For the 1st podcast of 2014 we are more than proud to present a London local with German links, Claus Voigtmann of Toi Toi Musik fame. Cluas has had the privilege of playing at esteemed spots including Fabric in London, Rex Paris and also Club Der Visionaere in Berlin.  Claus is a vinyl collector and has all the trademarks that go with it, seeking searching and pursuing that life long quest to find that name of that track and then to find it on wax. This podcast is an excursion of seamless deep house, crafted and carefully selected records that represent Claus an emerging artist still doing it old school style. His productions are also carefully constructed like his dj sets and are slowly arriving on the shelfs from labels including Hello?Repeat & Assemble Music. Check the short interview to give an insight in the agency Toi Toi he co runs with his partner Isis.

K / D:  Music where did it all start for you to get you to this point?

Claus Voigmann: It all started in this kind of music for me as soon as I touched down in London and met Isis who has been into this music for many years. I owe this beautiful city and her a lot – although my roots are in acoustic guitar/Singer/Songwriter so I guess my style is part English part German techno part musical bits.

K / D: Toi Toi when what and how does it exist and grow?

Claus Voigtmann:The name origin Toi Toi Toi is a term used to opera singers before they enter the stage often accompanied by knocking on wood as a sign of ‘Good Luck’. The project: Toi Toi is the consequence of mine and Isis’ passion for electronic music and the exchange with others, our community. It is our baby. It takes different forms each month, mostly it is a closed party as we feel it is important to keep the feeling of why we started this in the first place, the passion, the music and the community exchange as mentioned. We do open events too but we judge whether suitable as we go along, there are no set rules, as long as the aspects mentioned are not gone it is all good, open or closed events. Our focus is on the ‘humanity’ aspect of the party, we just want the people to be able to loose themselves in the music and for that they do not need to be knowledgeable about music, or know the artists, but have respect for those there, from artist to crowd to venue and be curious to go a little deeper on exploration beyond ‘a night out’.

K / D: Your partner Isis how important and integral is she to you as a person and artist?

Claus Voigtmann: Behind every man there is a strong woman.” Although we exist as 2 individuals we are as ‘one’, a lot of our friends tell us that. As a person- she is the woman of my life, I am going to marry her. As an artist- I could not be in better hands. Isis is a born promoter/artist manager/agent. She lifted up the Toi.Toi.Agency alone and very successfully, her achievements in one year are very impressive. Apart from being extremely professional she has this innate motherly care feel, she is known by artists as the ‘big mama’so it is a good balance between professionalism and humanity.



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