Fabric nightclub based in London turn 15 this weekend and K / Keep It Deep give you 15 reasons to join the celebrations in no particular order. Check the link here & here for tickets and more information 15th birthday

1.The line up overall for the main Saturday night speaks of a who’s who of dance music and over the years the birthday line up pulls together under 1 roof a gaggle of dj talent which is rare to find unless you compare to a festival. The 15th birthday includes 14 djs with extra potential surprises across 3 rooms & around 36 hours of solid continuous music, sweat bands at the ready. fancy dress

2.It’s a birthday party and there might be some fancy dress to aid the happy go lucky dance energy and vibe, keep an eye out for some birthday cake also.

bodysonic 3.Main room bodysonic dance floor sound system, I am not going to get all technical but basically there is a back section under the main room dance floor that has 400 bass transducers which means you have sound coming at you from below and above this can only be felt in person to believe. If you want to feel the music literally check this part of the dance floor out. Craig-Richards1

4. Check out resident Craig Richards amongst others, who quite simply demonstrates that playing music you like, pushing your own boundaries and being open as a DJ is really all the key ingredients required. Craig Richards is an esteemed pillar of the club and seeing him stretch out on the main room rotary mixer is always an inspiring journey into sound and story telling. Craig compliments the guests and likewise they compliment him, a very fair and dynamic two way exchange which has built and grown over the years. danceoff

5. Get down into 1 of 3 rooms wearing comfortable cloths and your tipple of choice and quite simply have a dance, leave your phone for a couple hours and engage with the story being told by one of many dj’s, please take care with the type of shapes you attempt at throwing but pretty much anything goes. benufo

6. This one is easy, go check out Ben UFO, he co-founded Hessle Audio with Ramadanman & Pangaea back in 2007. Ben has established his career without producing any music so go check this real selector out who will be one of many guaranteed birthday highlights to the weekend. Check his Fabric mix for a suitable introduction. dance djs

7.Throughout the whole weekend, from the bars, to the smoking area to the dance floors, spot check which of the 4099 dj’s that have played at the club are inside the venue enjoying the birthday weekend. You could end up rubbing shoulders with the dj that has made your track, album or mix of the year. b2b

8. Back to back is the rare art form of two dj’s sharing the decks together, sharing there story and co-conspiring the mood and vibe, last year we witnessed Craig Richards, Zip & Ricardo Villalobos which was a pleasure. This year we have 2 of the 3 in town, so Craig B2B with Ricardo Villalobos looks very likely.

clubds closing

9. As London’s authorities try and tighten there grip on the nightlife scene, several clubs over the years have sadly closed for various reasons. Fabric is still going from strength to strength still undiluted from the ethos and attitude it opened with back in 1999.

mathew johnson

10. The only live set Saturday come from Canadian born Mathew Johnson who is the founder of Wagon Repair and in groups including Cobblestone Jazz, Midnight Operator and the Modern Deep Left Quartet. Mathew has produced classic hits including Decompression, Return of The Zombie Bikers, Freedom Engine & When Love Feels Crying to pick out a few.


11. No one embodies the term fun better than Seth Troxler, expect an gregarious birthday outfit which he flamboyantly adorned last year and also some music to match the occasion.

klockk dett

12. Ben Klock & Marcell Dettmann are Berlin’s Berghain residents and expect nothing less than high octane relentless Techno from start to finish.

Style: "richieAhmed"

13. Matt Tolfrey is a Nottingham lad born and bread and we love to support local talent from our home town, Matt always brings his own repertoire of groove with some added soul, check his Leftroom label for his discography & mixes.


14. Besides the music the lights and visuals shows in Fabric are completely stand out and sincerely aid and adjust to the music being presented and add to the sense of atmosphere and energy.


15. Ricardo Villalobos always commands a certain air when he takes control of room 1 and as last years back 2 back with Zip & Craig Richards was a key highlight, expectations are high and Sunday night Monday morning will set the scene. Check out Ricardo’s Fabric mix for a teaser of what to expect.


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