Half Baked which started as a small underground party based in East London stated by Remi Landaz and Bruno Ciaramicoli is a true success story which will be celebrating its 5th birthday this November 2014. The party has grown internationally and now includes a record label and dj agency. The birthday presents a line up that includes Perlon label boss Zip, Sammy Dee, Berlin based Bruno Pronsato live, French 3 piece Dop live, Hold Youth, Vera, Julietta, BirdsMakingMachine live, Yakine, Mike Shannon, the Colors crew Stephane Ghenacia & Guilhem Monin, Damaged resident Matteo Manzini & Georgia Oniani, Keep On Going heads Dean Marc & Rob James, & of course the Half Baked agency artists Greg Brockmann, Robin Ordell, Enrico Mantini, Rainer & Rudolf. This will be  a marathon 18 hour celebration at Studio 338 South London.  Extra release of tickets available here and here.

We caught up with Bruno “Half Baked’ to get the skinny check the interview below.

K / D – When did half baked start?

Bruno – Half Baked started back in 2010 in the Fairchild Arches in Shoreditch.

K / D – Which country & what was the concept for the party?

Bruno – We wanted to create a party that was different to every other one that you had around. Our aim was to create a party with a special vibe and friends around that’s why we were doing section at the door . Everyone coming to the party was to feel involved and part of the family. Whether people were friends or not, they could all come together and have a great time, with a smile on their faces whilst being entertained by great music from some of the world’s best underground DJs.

K / D – What was the sound you wanted and what inspired it?

Bruno – Straight up quality house and techno, however the sound was to reflect the atmosphere at the parties, it needed that playful edge so our DJ’s aren’t playing dark, industrial sounding techno. Not that we don’t appreciate that music, it’s just that that’s not right for Half Baked.

K / D – who are the residents?

Bruno – We have a great group of residents, firstly there’s Robin Ordell and Greg Brockmann then after those two we have Seuil, Le Loup (also as Hold Youth), Mike Shannon, BirdsMakingMachine, Rudolf, Julietta, Rainer, Enrico Mantini and Yakine!

K / D – This November you turn 5 can you share some clear highlights and lowlights over the past 5 years?

Bruno – Highlights : The 2nd year open air party in shoreditch carpark with guy gerber . Lowlights : It was the first half baked at fairchild that we didn’t have no lights and it was cold and wet hahaha…

K / D – Can the explain more about the record label and how it is doing?

Bruno – We started the record label in early 2013. We wanted to have somewhere we could release the music that we love from our family and close friends who have played for us over the years. It’s a vinyl only label and we’re just about to put out our sixth release. The music released on the label has to reflect the vibe at our parties for those who may not have been before and we think we’ve managed that quite well!

K / D – You also manage a space can you explain how it came to be?

Bruno – Yes, my partner Remi Landaz and I started Number 90 Bar Restaurant in Hackney Wick. We had done some parties in the space previously and liked it so much we decided to open up a bar there. Initially it was just an empty warehouse space but we saw the potential straight away and got to work creating a bar. Everything is hand made and we have invested a lot of time and effort into the project but the outcome is amazing!

K / D – Who makes up the HB team?

Bruno – Half Baked was started up by myself and Remi, now also on the team we also have Ida and Sam. Between us four we run everything that is Half Baked!

K / D – The 5th birthday lineup can you explain the idea for the line up?

Bruno – Every year for our birthday we get most of our residents to come and play, this year being our fifth birthday we decided to go for something a bit special. Firstly we’ve got our residents as every other year but this time we also have some of our favourite artists coming along to join in the fun. Zip is a DJ who is a personal favourite of ours, it is a great honour to be able to host him for our birthday party but we also think that his style suits Half Baked so well. Similarly dOP are great friends of ours and they can get a party going like no one else! We also got three of our close friends and fantastic DJ’s in Sammy Dee, Vera and Bruno Pronsato not only as they complement the lineup so well but they have supported Half Baked so well throughout the years. Finally we also invited some of our good friends from other parties in London to come and play, we owe a lot to these guys and they’ve supported us since the very start so it was important to get them along.

K / D – What is next for HB?

Bruno – Next up for Half Baked following the birthday is our New Year parties! This year we are doing two, the first is our usual New Years Eve fancy dress party with Margaret Dygas, Le Loup, Robin Ordell and Greg Brockmann in a brand new venue. In addition to this we are doing another party on New Years Day in the daytime at Number 90 from 10am-4pm. For this one we have Seuil, Le Loup, Robin Ordell, a special guest and there is more to be announced!

K / D – Any exciting plans you can share for the party, the label and its core artists?

Bruno – Just at the moment we’re not allowed to say too much about the plans we have for next year, however we’ve got some very nice lineups on the cards in some great venues, so I don’t think that people are going to be disappointed! In terms of the label we have now lined up the next few releases and maybe every two months for the next couple of months we have a release with some incredible music from some great artists both within the Half Baked camp and long time friends of Half Baked.

 Dreamt up and projected into reality by Remi Landaz and Bruno Ciaramicoli, a new Sunday daytime party by the name of Half Baked appeared on East London’s radar in late 2009. A staple part of every electronic music lover’s diary, Sunday afternoon partying has become as essential as Saturday night. Half Baked’s founders and brains, both with long standing histories in the business side of the music, decided to create a Sunday party with a difference. Bringing on board two innovative London based DJ’s as residents, Greg Brockmann and Robin Ordell and a list of up-beat ideas…the consequence, to put it mildly, is a damn good time.

Half Baked hold their parties in spaces exclusive to them, taking what might otherwise be just another warehouse or open space and adding the Half Baked touch to their venues; always with raw industrial style, causing an atmosphere of a less-than-legal venue. A lit up bicycle wired across the ceiling of their winter brick arch space, a pair of fluorescent mannequins lovingly found and repaired by Bruno himself at their sunken summer car park. Summer 2010 saw the guys introduce support not only for their local DJ’s, but for talented artists as well. Live graffiti, fashion, photography, cinema, art exhibitions and more – it’s a supportive and inspiring collaboration of all involved. In a recent interview with Bang Bang Berlin the HB team said “Seeing people enjoying it so much is a great motivator which makes us try harder to do better and better for our followers for each event” There is no doubt in that, Half Baked goes from strength to strength, catering for people who want to party outside the boundaries of clubs and bars.

The Half Baked team; working together to create the ultimate experience have an undeniable magnetism between them. From the outside, it may seem like just a group of people having fun. In fact, it’s meticulously organised fun, down to every last detail. Everything that contributes to this immense and contagious vibe that Half Baked exudes has been lovingly thought through – Signing themselves off as “The Half Baked Family” isn’t without reason. It’s kinda special to say the least.

Here are some mixes from some of the artists playing to get you well acquainted with the sound and the energy of the party.


Thomas Franzmann aka Zip. Label boss of Perlon, a crate digger and truly respected figure from the underground scene.


Bruno Pronsato will be performing live and we interviewed him way back in 2007, his ethos, ideas and humour still remain check the link for the skinny here. 


Sammy Dee also releases on Perlon and is one half of Pantytec with Zip himself, need we explain the vybe more.


Hold Youth are made up of Le Loup & Seuil with there namesake record label slowly growing with recognition. Ones to watch on the night.


Greg Brockmann is one the Half Baked residents who definitely pushes the deeper groove mixing a fine strand of deep house and techno. check this.



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