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Joe Ellis is one of those slow paced, measured & genuine nice guys that gives the underground music scene a warm glow and nice interpretation. Joe Ellis co runs the UntilMYHeartStops label with Leif Knowles. They like to represent records that other labels probably wouldnt. Joe Ellis has been resident at Freerotation festival in Wales since its inception in 2007. This festival is a Discogs vinyl fiends dream excursion, check the line up for  the most credible representation of deep house techno you will find anywhere and Joe is very instrumental in the curation and creation of the project alongside founder Steevio and Suzybee.

Joe kindly provided a podcast which really evokes memories of a smokey strobe light, nicotine stains on fingers that slow sub bass you crave and also leaves you with disdain. The bpm pushes and pulls around 126. The crevices lack form but the music gives character and full-bodied energy. There is no story line but always history and honesty. A real portrayal of the type of slow-moving techno we like and appreciate, check the mix and short interview below.

K / D: Do you still live in Wales, if so what is the vybe there?

JOE ELLIS: Yeah, I live in a small seaside town on the North Coast. There were only about 40 people in the village we grew up in as kids so this feels like a bustling metropolis in comparison. It is quiet, and the consequence of our crew being so spread out means it’s rare everyone gets together to party but I am a sucker for a sea view.

K / D: Freerotation festival you are a part of can you explain this relationship?

JOE ELLIS: Freerotation has been since it started and still is my favourite weekend of the year. I got to know Steevio & Suzy (and most of the rest of the FR crew) through DJing with Tom and Leif at some of the early Welsh parties that my old man used to help organize and we’ve all been kicking about together ever since. It’s been nice seeing it grow each year and some of the sets that get played will forever be etched in mind. Voices from the Lake this year might just have topped the lot. Getting to play Room 1 each year is a real privilege.

K / D: You co run UMHS how did this surface?

JOE ELLIS: It really came about from a conversation we had around the kitchen table discussing producers who we all loved who hadn’t put enough music out. Joey and Area were the first names that came up and the first people we emailed. It was their warmth and enthusiasm that drove us to actually do it and it has been a really interesting process since then. I love each record but that first Joey record will always feel special. Getting Steevio, Joey and Spider on the same record this year was a nice moment and we’re sitting on some amazing music from the Welsh crew that will come out at some point.

K / D: Can you explain a bit about the mix?

JOE ELLIS: I was a little bit dubious about one or two of the tracks having surfaced on mixes in the past but this was pretty much the first hour of my set at this years FR and a decent snapshot of the sort of armchair techno that gets me hot under the collar.


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