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Next up to the plate K / D Keep It Deep are proud to present Hamish Cole who currently lives in Leeds keeping things busy with djing and promoting his co run party Butter Side Up & also more recently starting the KMAH radio station to name a few highlights. Hamish has energy to dig for rare or hard to find records across specific genres including house, tech & hip hop. Hamish has an distinct flavour and presence when he dj’s and this is one of the reason’s Hamish is growing as an dj based outside of the capital making waves. We caught up with Hamish amidst his busy schedule to talk shop and get the skinny on the past, present and future. Check the KMAH radio link here & also Hamish Cole on RA with various social media links here. Enjoy the mix also with full track list at the bottom of the interview.

K / D: Where did you grow up and what part did music play?

HAMISH COLE: I grew up in Norwich, lapping up the exotic country side of Norfolk. My interest in music started at a young age, I have my two older brothers to thank for this. They were always making beats and blasting music out around the house, so I was introduced into great music from an early age.

K  D: What scenes were you part of as an teenager?

HAMISH COLE: I was a huge hip hop head from 15-18 years old, collecting old and new US & UK hip hop records. When I was around 16 I started hanging out with local mc’s and DJs from Norwich and soon after, we started our own hip hop night in the basement of a scruffy old pub called The Marquee. We did about 3 events there and they were great, it was vinyl only and we had an open mic at the end which was always fun. Unfortunately we couldn’t do another event after this as there was a huge fight between the hip hoppers and the local moshers from the pub…

K / D: What was the was club you went to?

HAMISH COLE: The Mustard Lounge (RIP) in Norwich was the first club I ever went to, using my brothers passport to get in. They used to have some quality breaks nights there back in the day. The first club experiences that really opened my eyes to quality house & techno were going to Back to Basics at Stinkey’s Peep House & Louche at Mint Club in my first year at Uni in Leeds.

K / D: When did you get some decks and what was the first record you bought?

HAMISH COLE: I bought my first set of turntables when I was 15. They were a pair of Stanton Str8-30’s if I remember rightly! Oooh tough question, I think it might have been Runnin’ by The Pharcyde.

K / D: How did Butter Side Up begin?

HAMISH COLE: Basically Bailey and I met from playing together at the Louche pre parties at Distrikt. After a few shandy’s one evening we decided we wanted to start our own night, so that we can play out more. It all started at a little bar in Hyde Park called Hukaz in October 2009. There was never ever any plan for it to be a proper club night with bookings like it is now..

K / D: KMAH can you explain your involvement and role?

HAMISH COLE: I am a co-founder of KMAH alongside a few other wrong’uns. My role for KMAH is working more behind the scenes with Kristan managing the station, together we sort out the schedule, sign up new shows, social media, upload shows to soundcloud and generally be on call 24/7 ready to deal with whatever problem is around the corner. It was a tough first year, but now thanks to our trusty interns and a lot of troubleshooting, I am really happy with where we are at with the station.

K / D: What does the summer hold?

HAMISH COLE: This year, I’ve got a busy summer with Butter Side Up & KMAH related gigs/festival partnerships. We are hosting a stage at Gottwood on the Thursday night with a very special guest indeed. We are off to Croatia a few times, firstly with BSU to host a party at Electric Elephant and then we are also hosting a stage and doing some live streaming out at Dimensions with the KMAH crew in August. Plus a few other bits and pieces in Leeds & London.

Also, literally yesterday I was asked to be a summer resident of a very exciting new Island project called Obonjan in Croatia. Full details have just been announced here.

K / D: Can you talk us through the mix?

HAMISH COLE: It was recorded from our KMAH Studio in Leeds using 2 technics decks and a stack of records. It’s a mix of mainly old house & techno records, however it also features a couple of drum&bass records slowed down at 33rpm. See below for the track list…

Lawrence – Bonheur (Mule Musiq)
Astral Vibes – Deep Groove (Precious Materials)
Undercover Agency – Clever Endeavours (Music For Freaks)
BRS – Bouncing (Imperial Dub Recordings)
Morgan Geist – Womandre (7th City)
Titonton Durante & John Tejada – What You Like To Do (Residual Recordings)
Laid – Punch Up (Frankie Feliciano Original Edit) (Symple Sound)
Tom Ellis – Karma (MA Citysport Edition)
Marcus Intalex – Taking Over Me (Hospital Records)
Sycophant Slags – Ends With a T (Bombis Records)
Amir Alexander – Transcend (Anunnaki Cartel)
Ciudad Felix – Positive Directions (Silver Network)
Gemini – Ahi (Distance)
Swag – Felony Funk LP (Version)


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