Jayson is a selector that we have followed and enjoyed hearing from Houghton, Gottwood, Dance Tunnel and many more under the radar hot spots in London. Jayson lives in the Birmingham contributing culturally to the heart beat of the city connecting the dots, from music, art & also kung fu. Check the Interview and enjoy exploring the mind and ideas of an artist growing and exploring the new and the old, observing and listening, learning and creating within a forever changing landscape of music, pop, politics, economics and all the particulars in-between. the mix is an absolute pleasure and the only way to describe the outing is DEEP, nothing more or less, a timeless excursion of sonics, colours and frequencies. Enjoy the words and feel the vibes, this is the wonderfully eclectic world of the one and only, Birmingham’s finest, Jayson Wynters with love and a lot of soul, follow Jayson here & here.

Where did you grow up and how did this shape you?

I grew up in Handsworth which is a borough in Birmingham that is a predominantly an Afro/Caribbean and Asian community. As a 2nd generation of Jamaican heritage, I was brought up around sound system culture, Birmingham carnival, house parties, the church, going to band practice with my dad, steel band rehearsals with my mum and step dad and radio broadcasting with my uncle. All of these things have shaped me musically. 

What music was around at home whilst you grew up?

Reggae, Dub, Soul, Funk, Rare Groove, Jazz Funk, Steelpan etc.

As a teenager what interested you sub culture wise?

Growing up my things were computer games, manga films and mostly rap music followed by garage as I got older. 

What was the first piece of music you purchased?

Bobby Digital in Stereo by RZA on Compact Disc. 

Can you remember your first clubbing experience?

Aged 17 going into club DNA with bumfluff and a long jacket getting asked for ID but managed to blag my way in was the first experience but more notably the Steering Wheel days in China Town were some of my most memorable. Garage music was in its golden era my uncle was on the door which was guaranteed entry and it was great fun. 

Can you describe your Houghton experience?

I haven’t done many festivals prior to Houghton but upon first arrival I was completely blown away. The attention to detail with the whole set up from the sound, stage production, the record shops, the art installations, the lighting, the people and the location. You can tell it’s been curated by someone who knows their onions. My first Houghton gig in them woods was one of my most memorable DJ moments. It’s a great festival. 

What parties do you check, where do you play and how do you buy music / records?

At the moment regarding parties it’s a little thin as the scene here in Birmingham isn’t as strong. My friend James used to put on some great parties that really inspired me musically where I was introduced to DJs like Jane Fitz, XDB, Leif, Ben Boe etc These used to take place at Spotlight in Digbeth a few years back. I mostly play at a venue I co run called Artum which is a multi-concept space where we sell records, lifestyle books, wine, sakes and run/host various events . We host a night called Infinite Space ran by Adam Shelton who is a good mate of mine and I am a resident for his night which covers mostly electronic music. I also play in London and other parts of the UK sometimes as well as some spots in Europe. I buy music from any and everywhere whether that’s friends, discogs, juno, honest jons, phonica records, some regular spots in Paris like synchrophone or betinos and our distributors such as Rush Hour, Rubadub and Clone. 

talk to us about the regular places you play..?

Artum (formally Cafe Artum) is the most regular place I play at currently and was curated having one thing in mind – quality. The booth set up, the custom turntables with rega tonearms, the master sounds mixer and is all powered by an L Acoustic loudspeaker system. We always get complimented on the set up from DJs especially if you play records. There are still some tweaks to be made but as far as set ups go, I feel confident we have one of the best in the Midlands. 

What does the rest of the year look like for you?

Business as usual, and more focus on music related projects producing and releasing material, DJing, and the continuation of curating Artum. I am back at Houghton this year also which I am looking forward to.

What change would you like to see in the future?

Great question. I mean we could be here all day but I’ll keep it brief – Music wise balanced lineups, more club nights which I think is the backbone of the scene. More recognition for Birmingham’s music/creative scene, less emphasis on how many followers you have on socials. 

What is the impact of social media, as you mentioned followers being a factor..? 

— Social media is a great tool if utilised correctly but i think for the most part too much emphasis is on what ‘reach’ people have and it can become a little destructive. A lot of us get into this comparative mindset which can lead to us down a path of doubt, and can trigger all sorts of unwanted emotions. On the flip side it could also encourage and motivate us, but i think its still a slippery slope, talking from my own experiences and observations of course. I just think more focus should be toward the art first and foremost as thats why we are here. 

Do you have any future gigs your getting excited about..?

If I am honest I am really grateful for any gigs that come my way.. but really looking forward to Houghton, this will be my third appearance this year and you know what your getting. 

What music are you reaching for..? What music challenges you..? 

Im always hunting for different bits, and its dependent on where I am at mood wise. I am challenged by many different styles and genres but I think Jazz is the style that challenges me the most. 

How would you describe your mix…?


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